Claims Handling

For partners that use our Policy Administration platform, we offer best in class claims handling to cut downtime in half and keep customer satisfaction high.

This year’s claims are next year’s premium

Know how the year is going and plan ahead by having real time understanding of your claims. DigiSure gives you instant access to claims data that can be used for high level planning and helps you make adjustments to your screening rules or budget at any point.

Time is Money

Keep the vehicles on your platform earning. With DigiSure claims handling, you can align your claims KPIs with your overall business goals. Insurance companies and TPAs are focused on getting the lowest cost to resolve a claim, but assets that aren’t booking on your platform, aren't generating revenue. Reengineer your claims process to lower the overall impact on your business, not just a one-dimensional cost.

Keep your users happy

Accidents have the most emotional and memorable impact on a customer’s experience, whether they are an owner or a renter. The DigiSure claims process is fast, painless, and as empathetic as possible. Support the investment you’ve made in your customers by implementing a claims experience that is also aligned with your brand values. Your customers won’t forget it.

We want to help you build a program.

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