Who should partner with DigiSure

Any platform with rented or leased assets that can be insured.

Any platform that is trying to more effectively manage Profit and Loss.

The DigiSure Platform

Symptoms of the health of your insurance ecosystem

The issues your team is trying to manage ultimately roll up into your P/L. The tools and strategies you have at your disposal to grow revenue or grow your bottom line are often constrained by your insurance choices, or siloed within your own teams across various systems. By looking at your insurance ecosystem from a holistic level, you can take control of the cause and effect of your choices.

How We Can Help

First, understand your ecosystem Then, perfect it

On the DigiSure platform, your data flows freely from the acquisition of new users and assets through the full life of the relationship. Understand how decisions in one area of your business affect outcomes up and downstream.







Use date from insurance in claims:

Policy events, pre/post transaction photographs, telematics or gig platform usage are automatically available so our teams can close claims more quickly and accurately.

Use data from your own claims to adjust screening:

Define cohorts that are driving your actual claims costs and adjust your ruleset, or adjust pricing to maintain your target loss ratio.

Pull data out of screening to feed insurance decisions

Using your data, we develop a recommended set of initial rating factors to fit the loss profile, and work with you to build an embedded insurance pricing strategy, including A/B testing conversion rates.

Pull data out of claims to feed insurance decisions:

Your data around risk factors from screening and linkage to loss data improves our predictive capabilities, resulting in lower priced premiums.


DigiSure’s screening process was built with insurance in mind, ensuring that your users are authentic, qualified, and you have a complete profile to attach to later insurance and claims analysis. The right blend of automation and expertise ensure the data entering your platform is complete and reliable.


Create micropolicies in the DigiSure platform for each transaction such as a vehicle rental, subscription, or fleet policy. Our platform forecasts and allocates the cost between the self-insurance and excess insurance components, with individual pricing and performance tracking as required.


DigiSure manages claims both above and below deductible, which enhances the claims dataset to have full visibility into customer-driven issues. This also maximizes the amount of data available for analysis and provides insights to further enhance and refine the underwriting ruleset.

How to get started

Getting started is easy, the first step is to book an intro call with our team. Regardless of the path you choose, our team will work closely with you to to uplevel your existing teams, tools, and projects.

Put your needs and goals first

We’ll start by understanding your near and long term goals, existing systems and partnerships, and work with you to create a plan.

Work with us over the course of a few years and policy renewals to get where you want to go

Implement the products you need now, and build from there.

Overhaul your entire ecosystem in as little as 6 months from signing to launch.

If you are eager to see big improvements, we will help you make it happen.

We want to help you build a program.

Book an intro call with us here. It’s that easy to take the first step.