Policy Administration

Track and manage policies from “Quote to Claim” - all in one system. Structure tailored insurance bundles to complement your core offerings or create unique protection products that your customers want. Confidently manage your program to increase customer engagement, manage costs and/or generate incremental revenue.

Let our insurance experts advocate for your needs

We understand that you want to launch new products and create new revenue streams, and that you don’t often find those on the menu of options that carriers currently offer. It's also challenging to align insurance with protection packages. We help you define an insurance program specific to your business. Create the future you want, and don’t be held back by an industry that isn’t moving as fast as you are.

Help insurance partners understand your business

Your business is breaking ground and creating something new, and it can be hard to secure the coverage you need. Insurance risk models are built from what happened in the past, and for other companies. Work with the DigiSure team to become experts on your insurance program and help carriers see your potential.

Own more of your risk with Self-Insured Retention

Managing more of your claims costs can save you a substantial percent of your overall insurance budget without opening yourself up to more financial liability. DigiSure will help you model, implement, and manage a successful SIR program.

We want to help you build a program.

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