You know your business best, why not take control of your insurance?

We understand mobility businesses run on the thinnest of margins. With DigiSure, we’ll handle your insurance operations end-to-end, so it no longer eats into your profits.

Why Choose DigiSure?

Let’s check the comparison between DigiSure and your current solution.

Your Current Solution
Work With industry Leading Insurance Carriers
Research industry standard plans
Develop Robust Insurance Policies
Negotiate policy offerings with different carriers
Customize Insurance Solutions to Your Customer Needs
Hire insurance experts
Develop Data Security to Scale your Operations
Hire data security experts
Conduct Regulatory Compliance Measure
Hire regulatory compliance experts
Develop Underwriting Models to Understand Risks
Build dynamic underwriting models
Run Customer Screen to Avoid Fraud and Risks
Coordinate multiple vendors to run customer fraud & risk screens
Manage Customer Claims
Coordinate customer claims headaches
Hire Customer Support
Hire customer support to handle claims and insurance inquires
Maintain Legal Documentation
Hire a team to maintain legal documentation
Maintain Privacy Policies
Hire a team to manage privacy policies
Coordinate Multiple Vendors
Coordinate different products and features with multiple vendors
Manage Product Integrations
Manage tooling and product integrations with multiple vendors
How It Works

Provide better protection solutions by eliminating fraud and risk

Using dynamic customer data, our risk-based pricing system lets you fully customize your rates (minutes, days, or weeks) and offer your best rates to your best customers. Need to turn coverage on and off for your fleet? Yep, we can do that in one click.

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