Supercharge your Trust & Safety with the DigiSure Protection Suite.

The DigiSure Protection Suite is a comprehensive fraud and risk management service designed to help you onboard new customers quickly and safely within minutes.

How it Works

Securely screen customers, while flagging potential fraud and risk

Our technology can be easily embedded on your site or app with just a few lines of code. Results are available via our API and web-based self-service portal which allows you to track and manage your customer screens.

Select Your Level of Screening

Customize your level of screening based on your business needs for compliance, fraud, credit risk and more.

Simply Integrate Our Technology

Embed our technology with just a few lines of code, to extract customer details for DigiSure Protection Suite processing.

Begin Screening Your Customers

Provide a seamless customer experience to upload documents and complete the screening process with the DigiSure Protection Suite.

Instantly Review & Access Results

Receive and review your customer’s fraud and risk approval ratings within minutes.

Confidently Scale Your Platform

Increase your business conversions with confidence by better understanding your customer fraud and risk trends.

Comprehensive Service

Reduce your vendors, screen customers all in one place.

We aggregate several data sources of information to deliver in-depth customer prequalifications within minutes. DigiSure eliminates fraud and risk with the DigiSure Protection Suite, while providing a seamless customer checkout experience.

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DigiSure Protection Suite Data Sources

Device Fingerprinting
Composite Mapping
Background Checks
Layered Data Sources
Credit Checks
Driving Records
Two Factor Verification
Global Watchlist
Bio Metrics Verification
Image Recording
Comprehensive Service

Always keep approval rates high with support at every step

Our 24/7 customer service team makes sure to provide a managed service that never goes down - we reach out to drivers to verify documents so you can confidently approve your customers.

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Global Scale

Scale globally wherever your customers are

We’re working to build an accessible and scaling platform to support your business internationally so that the DigiSure Protection Suite is available in many languages.

Talk to us today about your international markets and how we can help.

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Seamless Integration

Activate our technology with just a few lines of code

Embed our Identity Verification Module (IVM) seamlessly into your platform and verify customers without ever having them leave your experience.

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